Build a school

There are no quality schools around GOGCC. Education is the key in trying to fight against poverty, which will results to a better life for these orphans and needy children in the future. We would like to continue to add on to the 3 class, 2 classes every year. This school will help us to serve the children and community fully. We are currently in the process of building 3 class room as of(11/2/18). We need a class for next year-4th grade( Starting January)We really need your help to solve this problem as the Lord’s lead you to do so. We have already gathered a few construction materials for the school from the funds that we raised at the end of last year and your help will get the another class started. Please consider making a donation to fund the building of the school. All the donations raised here will be used to build a school. This will help to serve the children and people, which will have a residual positive impact on the community at large.