Feed Children

We serve many children that attend our children’s church, Sunday services and other outreach activities. We have been feeding them only on the first Sunday of each month. We have not had enough funds or resources to feed the children who come to Sunday services every week. It is very hard and heartbreaking for us to send them back hungry. We are praying and trusting that one day we will be able to feed them every Sunday and whenever we have community outreach activities. Please join us in a feeding program. We also started new program called ” Celebrate recovery” to help those who are struggling with various addiction issues. We meet with them every Friday at 5PM. We would need to fellowship with them by feeding them and sharing the love of Christ to them (11/12/18). 
All donations are needed and appreciated, regardless of the amount. Please think about this and how important the work of GOGCC is, and consider about the positive impact it will make in the community we live in. Your prayers and support will help us to expand and make a maximum impact in the lives of orphans and needy children that we serve. Please use the donation button below to make your donation or send a check to: GOGCP P.O BOX 223,Emory, VA 24361