Here are the areas you can give/donate towards:


(1) Child Sponsorship is what helps fund our family.

To fully fund Grace Family Orphanage we need $52,720 per year.  This covers the below per child:
Your sponsorship covers the below needs per child per year:

  • Food for one child/year = $650 * 20 kids = $13,000/year
  • Housing for one child /year (electrical, water) = $250 * 20kids = $5,000/year
  • Care for one child/year (insurance, watchman, cook, matron, staff) = $1,200 * 20kids = $24,000/year
  • School fees for one child/year = $106 * 20kids = $2,120/year
  • Transportation for one child/year = $120 *20kids = $2,400/year
  • Housing repairs for one child/year = $60 *20kids = $1,200/year
  • Emergency fund for one child/year = $250 *20kids = $5,000/year
    Total for year = $52,720


Child Sponsoring Payment options

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General giving: The money goes to wherever the highest needs are (Not specified)


This give you an option to give One-time or monthly, enter the amount you would like to give. 



Monthly giving options:  The money goes towards all the other areas that child sponsorship doesn’t cover, including outreach ministries (This includes, evangelism, sports, water ministry, etc.), building projects, emergencies

For everything to run smoothly we  need $48,000 per year/20 kids, so each kid requires $2,400/year to be supported or $200 per month for each kid.
Goal Total per month:
$25 per month – Praying for 30 People  to give $25
$50 per month – Praying for 25 People to give$50
$100 per month – Praying for 20 people  to give $100

One time gifts – $5,000 needed in one time gifts



Monthly Giving Options
Select the maximum amount you want to pay each month
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    1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(3) Building Project Funds-The money goes towards funding all the building projects at Grace Family and other outreach building projects. We are currently in the process of building a church

We divided the contraction of the church into 6 Phases as follows:

  1. 1st Phase: Ground breaking/Foundation(completed)
  2. 2nd Phase: Pillars(completed)
  3. 3rd Phase: Roofing( in progress)
  4. 4th Phase: Slab and Walls
  5. 5th Phase: Flouring
  6. 6th Phase: Finishing-Painting, chairs, and ect

Items needed:

  1. Rebar Metal-165 pcs @$15=2,475 (Completed)
  2. Hardcore stone/Rocks-100 trailers@$40=$4,000( Completed), needed 10 trailers@40=$400
  3. Hoop Iron-5 pcs@$30=$150(Completed)
  4. Cement/concrete-800 bags@$7=$5,600
  5. Sand-120 tones@?=$1500 worthy delivered, still need about 100 tones
  6. Binding wire-20Kg@$6=$120(Completed)
  7. Timber/lumber(6X2,4X2, 3X2)=$4500(Partially completed-roofing lumber)
  8. Nails-5″ inch@40kg,4″@40kg,Bolts and nuts@200 pcs=?
  9. Murrum/dust-10 Lorries/truck@$60=$600
  10. Ridges-30 pcs@$3=$90
  11. Plain sheet-30 metres@$50=$1500
  12. Iron sheet-Metal roofing=$6100
  13. Building blocks/rocks/bush stone,5300 pcs=$2650
  14. Rebar( D10-30pcs,R8-30 pcs=$390
  15. Black polytene paper-3 rolls=$90
  16. Dust(3 Lorries/track)=$450
  17. Ballast(200 wheelbarrow)=$200
  18. Titles=?

We are currently focusing on roofing as our 3rd phase. You can make your contribution by  clinking HERE

We are in need of the following as of 2/12/2022 to complete the roofing: Total amount: $6500

  1.  9 Meters iron sheet/metal roof: 60 pcs@$45=$2700
  2. 8 Meters iron sheet/metal roof: 85 pcs@$40=$3400
  3. Ridges(30pieces,Plain sheet(22 Meters), Iron nails(40 KG), and rubbers(40 packets)=$400
  4. You can make your contribution by  clinking HERE


  1. Here is some progress since 2009
    • Expanded our children’s centre, added upstairs
    • Built a mission house to host long and short term missionaries
    • Built classrooms for Grace Family Ed Centre (pre school to sixth grade)
    • We have plenty of milk from our  cows to feed out family
    • We grow our own potatoes and other plants
    • We did permanent fencing around the property
    • The oldest boy (Hillary) just graduated College and is currently.
    • We added a new well for clean water and God has provide to drill a well in 2018
    • We currently have about  chickens for eggs to sell or for the children to eat
    • We drilled a well for a permanent supply of clean water…praise the Lord!
    • We also partnered with the community to bring clean water
    • We have a new church at the property ” Grace Family Fellowship” building is on going
  2. Here are our 2022 needs and projects:
    1. Van needed to get 23 kids to church and other outreach opportunities
    2.  To add more classes at at our new School ( which would allow us to add more grades)
    3. We need to hire more teachers to teach our school. We need raise their salaries to about $150 per month
    4. Completion of the  church building project
    5. Good staff help (cook, matron, man of house, etc.)
  3. Here is how we impact kids and the community:
    1. Kids movie night 300 kids
    2. Sunday church 200 kids
    3. Every day impact of kids
    4. Harambee foundation- High school sponsorship program
    5. Grace Family Education Centre-School for Grace Family and the community
    6. Leadership conference- Training and impacting Church Leaders
    7. Making an impact at a new church ” Grace Family Fellowship” 


Grace Family Need

We are very overwhelmed with all Grace Family needs but we are so thankful that God has always provided all Grace family needs. Through your prayers and support God has done a lot through Grace Family for His glory. 2 Corinthians 4:1 says, “Therefore, since through God’s mercy, we have this ministry, we do not lose heart”. We love the ministry in Kenya the Lord has blessed us with. We want to continue letting Him use us to expand His ministry for His glory. Our children’s ministry (GOGCP) in conjunction with our partners has been able to impact many children, families, communities, and the country of Kenya at large. Thank you for joining us with your prayers and support. Here are Grace Family needs/projects that we are kindly requesting for your prayers and support to be able to meet this needs/Projects. We have also included the estimated cost of each need/project:

(1) Grace Family House


   Lockers for children’s clothes- $615(completed)

   Repair doors-$85

   Landscaping (trees, flowers etc.)-$195(completed)

   Plumbing in bathrooms-$315(completed)

   Wiring the upstairs-$310(completed)

   Quality chairs-$419


    New doors for upstairs-$250( in progress)

   Make couches for library area-$650


 Fascia board around-$389

 Gutters for rain water-$219

 More shelving for library books-$211

 Tiling$ 2500( Partially done-2021)

Long term: 

   Security lights/Cameras-$150 (school completed)

(2) School (Grace Family Educational Centre)


    Build more classrooms-$3,500 per class( 6 classses and administration blog completed as of 12/5/2017)

     Laptops and tablets?-Highly Needed( USED OR NEW)

    Have more teachers, praying for teacher’s sponsorship-$150 Per monthHighly NEEDED

Long term: 

   Administration blog or office building-$4,700(completed as of 12/17/2017)


(3)Bees on a Mission House



    Plastering the guest house-$380

    Curtain rods-$196(completed-11/22/16)

Long term: 

      Tiling-$2000( Girls bathroom partly completed-January 20th,2017)

(4) Others Project


      Water tower roofing-$200 (completed-12/17/2017)


Long term: 

            Maize/corn storage-$2000-HIGHLY NEEDED

            Green House-$3000-HIGHLY NEEDED

            Drill a well (clean water)-$8,00-$10,000((completed 12/10/2018, and repaired 2021! Thank you Lord!)

(5) Self-Sustaining Projects


Poultry-$500( 78 chicken raised already-11/22/16)

Tractor trailer and planter-$2,250( (completed-12/5/2017)

Animal feeds Grinding machine-$350(In progress 11/12/2018)

 Land for rent for farming-$375( rented 1 acre already 11/12/2018)

Long term: 

A church-Grace Family Fellowship((completed-11/12/18)

Pharmacy/clinic-$20,000(land, construction etc.)

Canteen/workshop-$12,000(land, construction etc.)

Mini bus-$50,000( Highly needed)

(6) Outreach Projects

Family friendly movies

Community Social room( (completed-11/12/18)

10-20 Quality Soccer balls –$200(Bought 6 soccer balls- and added 3 more January 20, 2017)

            Chairs for the church-$350-(completed- 12/5/2017)

Feeding children that attend Church Services on Sundays$ $150 per month-On going need!

Please! Any amount you donated is very appreciated and we are also thankful for your continued. May the Lord meet all Grace Family’s needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). We know that it’s His work and he has a way to provide. We are just making our needs known and He knows how he will make it happen. Thank you and we are looking forward to hear from you soon. David”Zion” for Grace Family

Support Bees in Kenya ” David and Laurel Cheromei


We would like you to pray about level of support you can do and see where God leads you.  Regardless of financial support we need you to pray for us and for our children.  Thank you for letting us share with you. We thank you for how you have supported us and helped us out already! Prayers and much appreciated as we feel quite overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. We pray the Lord would give us wisdom and help us to prioritize want the immediate needs are.

We are committed to using all contributions to our work wisely and effectively; we ensure that all gifts entrusted to us have maximum impact. Your donation is tax deductible under section 170 of the Code under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.