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12/25/2021-Merry Christmas from Laurel and I, and Grace Family  

Here are our two the video of our Merry Christmas and updates from Grace Family to you and your family:  
(1)  Merry Christmas 
(2) 2021 Ministry Update from Grace Family 
You can make online contribution through  
or Mail a check to 
Grace God Children’s Project 
191 Rocky Hollow Road 
Atkins, VA 24311 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
David and Laurel Cheromei 

5/25/2021-Hello Everyone! I pray that you all are doing well in the Lord and enjoying the beginning of summer. We are in rainy season here and our garden is growing well! We thank God for His protection and wisdom through this pandemic. We have been busy with construction projects, ministry and community outreach programs. We wanted to give you some updates in various areas. Through your partnership in prayer and support we are honored to announce to you the following updates: Grace Family ChildrenIan, Vincent and Winnie Kiptoo completed their high school schooling in April. Gideon did his 8th grade national examination and he is waiting to join high school in July. Keep him in your prayers as he waits to be selected to join a boarding high school. High school is tough here. Going to high school is not an automatic, students have to meet various demands including good grades. Hilary finished college and he already has a job with a paint plant. He is using his field of study “Industrial chemistry”. God is good. 
Construction Projects
(1) “Power Room”-Prayer room or multipurpose room  We are completely done with the construction of the prayer room, “Power Room”. God had put it on our hearts to build a prayer room before the start of the construction of the church so we can have a place for prayer and fellowship during the week days when school is in session. God is good, there will be no interruption with the school program. Thank you Lord, we dedicated the room this past Saturday and have started using it! This Power Room will stay busy throughout the week. The church members and the community will have an opportunity to come have a quiet time with the Lord without interruptions 24/7. Thank you so much for your support. This means a lot to us and the church.  Please continue to pray and give as the Lord leads so that we can start the foundation of the church by our start date of June 7th. We have brought ¾ of the materials for the foundation and part of the walls (concrete, bush stones, ballast, and sand). God is good, we are excited for what is he doing at Grace Family Fellowship. Check photos on our blog to see a new look on our power room at our blog http://beesinkenya.blogspot.com/2021/05/may-2021-updates.html (2) Class RoomWe also finished the construction of grade 6 classroom. We thank God for you for your support. We now have enough classrooms to accommodate the growth of our school. We also wanted to let you know that the school is in session at this point after being closed since March due to COVID-19. We have 120 children and 9 teachers.Check photos on our blog to see a new look at our blog http://beesinkenya.blogspot.com/2021/05/may-2021-updates.html 
(3) Sentry houseWe added the house for security at the entry gate. It is already done and is in use at this point. Thank you again for your support. 
(4) Paint JobsWe have done some updates by painting a few of our gates. We would like to paint some more doors at school. 
(5) Clean WaterWe are so happy and excited for what God has done. We now have clean tap water running at Grace Family big house. Though it not reliable yet  due to constant pipes leaks, but we have water. Thank you so much for your support. It is a double blessing because the well that  we had drilled has also been cleaned up by the drilling company. God is good, may He be praised!
(6) Preaching and administration of the church, and the MinistryI have been preaching and taking all the pastors responsibilities while our pastor has been on vacation for  over a month. It has been wonderful! I have enjoyed God using me to speak to His people and watch the church grow. We have seen many souls delivered, healing and God’s wonderful work through his church-Grace Family Fellowship. It looks like I will continue preaching for a while. We just had an incident with our pastor and we have made him step down at this time due to ungodly action. It is very sad but we trust God for everything. We will continue trusting Him with the vision He gave us and through the storm that we are going through right now. Please keep the church in your prayers. 
Our FamilyWe are looking into visiting America in August and pray the Lord would provide a good pastor to help with Grace Family Fellowship and to have great caregivers for Grace family. Keep us in your prayers as we still have a lot things to be done. We know that the Lord will continue to provide and give us wisdom as he usually does. 
Outreach opportunities
(1) Distributing food and clothingWe had opportunities to serve in the community with simple acts of love. We distributed clothes and food to various families in need. We also participated in several community projects, all for the glory of God. We thank God for what He continues to do. 
(2) Community clean water projectCommunity water project is coming along well, however we have run out of distribution pipes. We are praying that we would get additional pipes in the future so we can connect water to various families and institution. It is project that will impact about 50,000 people when it is completed. We are about ¼ done at this point. We have connected water to about 150 families,  four schools and  two government buildings. The community chose me to oversee the project as a chairman of the community project. It has been a great project. God has been of great help. The project has brought the community together more than ever before. I am excited and looking for the entire project to completed. Water is life, one day people will have clean, reliable water. That day is coming, please keep this in your prayers.  Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers. We pray that you would partnering with us with prayers or giving towards any other above needs. Here are some ways  you can give to us as God leads:
(1)   Online Giving ( http://www.graceofgodchildren.org/give/)
(2)   By check, make a check payable  to “ Grace of God Children’s Project” and mail it to: GOGCP, 191 Rocky Hollow Road, Atkins, VA 24311 “May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. “(Numbers 6:24-26) Thank you so much
David and Laurel Cheromei